Peanut Butter Fingers

¾ cup butter                                        ¾ cup sugar
¾ cup brown sugar                              2 eggs
¾ cup peanut butter                            ¾ teaspoon soda
½ teaspoon salt                                   1 ½ teaspoon vanilla

1 ½ cups flour                                     1 ½ cups oats

Cream shortening and sugars.   Add eggs.  Mix in peanut butter and dry ingredients.   Should be moist but not sticky.  Put on ungreased cookie sheet.  Pat smooth with damp hands.  Bake at 375 for 10-15 min.  Don’t over bake!  Spread ¾ cup peanut butter while still hot.   Top with fudge icing. 

Fudge Icing:    ½ cup butter                1 lb powdered sugar
                        3 tablespoons cocoa    1 teaspoon vanilla
                        Pinch of salt                milk

Boil together butter, cocoa, and salt.  Add powdered sugar and vanilla.   Mix together adding milk slowly to desired thickness.   Spread over peanut butter while warm.